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Multi Lead Converter

Tired of spending your time and talent converting leads individually? Multi Lead Converter allows you to convert multiple leads at once so you can spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks.


While working with clients, we observed the need for companies to convert multiple leads at the same time. RevLoop created Multi Lead Converter to fill this gap. Multi Lead Converter saves users' time by allowing them to convert up to 200 leads at once, while still being precise about how each lead is being converted. Using Multi Lead Converter, users can:

  • Navigate to any leads view
  • Select multiple leads to convert
  • Choose whether to convert multiple leads into:
    • One new account/contact/opportunity
    • One existing account/contact/opportunity
    • Multiple new accounts/contacts/opportunities
    • Multiple existing accounts/contacts/opportunities

Multi Lead Converter allows users to stop wasting time converting leads one at a time, while allowing users to be precise in designating how leads should convert, preserving data integrity in your Salesforce instance. No other mass lead converting application allows users to be both so nimble and precise.