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Actionable Analytics

Well-defined processes, a carefully set-up CRM, and great revenue teams may lay the foundation for success, but you need robust reporting to provide insight into what breeds success. These analytics trigger the actions that will improve your revenue teams' performance.

We consult with your key stakeholders to define the KPIs and analytics that align and incentivize teams on shared goals. After determining which metrics are most important for you to track, we build reporting systems that continuously monitor those KPIs. Through centralized reporting, everyone has visibility into the same numbers, or source of truth, to track success and make data-driven decisions. 

How to Determine Which KPIs and Reporting to Include: 

  • What metrics show how your team is tracking towards their goals?
  • What are the number of MQLs, SQLs, and opportunities needed to close your targeted new customers and revenue?
  • Where are deals dropping out of your pipeline?
  • What is your speed to lead?
  • What is your sales velocity?
  • What is your revenue retention?
  • Is your website traffic growing?
  • Are you moving up in search engine rankings for key terms?

Identifying and understanding these numbers will allow you to give better insight into the team’s performance so, as a business, you can plan for success and correct any weak spots in your marketing, sales, or service processes. By being purposeful in the creation of reporting, we allow your team to focus on your most important goals.

Actionable Analytics

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