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Streamline Success with Fractional RevOps

Turn processes and technologies into allies that make crushing revenue goals easy.

RevLoop helps high-growth companies promote visibility and actionability across their revenue teams. By adding the right software, enablement, analytics, and support, we make technology work for you, not the other way around. 


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Make Your Tech Stack Work for You

When properly implemented, the ROI of a CRM software system can exceed 245% (Forrester). A well-built CRM will allow you to track your team's performance, plan for the future, stay on top of your team's work and opportunities, follow-up with clients, work collaboratively across teams, and save time through automation.

But bad data in your CRM can cost you more than 10% of annual revenue (Validity). No one wants to be paying for an expensive piece of technology that doesn't produce results. 

We help revenue leaders struggling with their Salesforce or HubSpot CRMs turn process and technologies into allies that can be used to track towards hitting goals and save your team's time. We map out your customer journey and build a CRM that is designed to support that journey.

How RevOps can Help

  • Connected, unified revenue team

    Shared processes, KPIs, and analytics. No more silos between sales, marketing, and CS.

  • User-friendly tech stack

    A tech stack that supports your revenue teams' jobs saving them time and headache.

  • Actionable visibility

    Have clear insight into what is happening with revenue at all times. Clear forecasting and pipeline tracking.

Featured Services

Salesforce Consulting

As a certified Salesforce partner, Vetrus Solutions will identify, implement, train, and support a custom Salesforce instance that harnesses the dynamic features necessary to solve your business's unique needs. We’ll create the platform and processes that drive user adoption and sales performance. 

HubSpot Consulting

Vetrus Solutions is a certified HubSpot Gold partner that handles the implementation, onboarding, and administration of this all-in-one, user-friendly platform. We spin up the appropriate HubSpot platform for your marketing, sales, and customer service needs while offering support and training so you benefit from its robust functionality. 

Tech Stack Optimization

Our operations specialists work closely with your team to uncover the goals, processes, and roles that define success. We develop or optimize your technology investment and the resulting user adoption training to align with that mission and provide the clearest path to victory, as well as the highest return on your investment.

Our UX focused, RevOps method is quick, but Carefully Considered

revops method

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

Vetrus Solutions has been an essential partner in innovating how we utilize Salesforce. The team took the time to understand our unique revenue models, and implemented a Salesforce service that supports multiple sales channels. Partnering with Vetrus allows us to be more productive knowing that we have the sales technology and support to operate more efficiently in our fast paced environment. I would recommend Vetrus Solutions for implementing, supporting and/or re-engineering your Salesforce services to drive more revenue.

Brad Brockhaug
Chief Revenue Officer, ANC

By working with Vetrus Solutions, we are able to get the most out of our Salesforce investment. Jenna helped us automate processes that took hours in the past and increase our analytical capabilities. For instance, a powerpoint that would take three hours a week to compile was turned into a refreshable dashboard in Salesforce. Being able to save time on administrative tasks has allowed our team to focus on our most important work. Working with Vetrus Solutions is like working with a motivated, informed colleague.

Avetis Ghazaryan
Senior Director of Marketing & Growth, Quiq

Vetrus Solutions has been instrumental in keeping my sanity over my first 6 months at my role. Jenna understands our business and our complex processes like she’s a full-time employee. She's able to take incomplete thoughts of mine and implement them into Salesforce.

Vetrus Solutions has drastically improved efficiency. They've taken multiple processes that were manual, untrackable, and done across multiple platforms, and created processes and workflows to automate the work, get it all in one place.

Chuck Babin
Director of Sales & Sales Operations, Applico